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Patrik Pistol – Eyes Without A Face featuring J-Riz

This is the second single from the upcoming album from Patrik Pistol. It’s a cover of the classic Billy Idol song from 1983. It was one of the singles from the album Rebel Yell. This version still has the feel of the 80’s, but with a more modern touch. Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/track/48AZJE… Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/patrikpistol/e… Homepage: http://www.patrikpistol.com […]

CPU Suckers Saxparty_On_The_Dancefloor_Cover_Art_600x600

CPU Suckers (Featuring J-Riz) – Saxparty On The Dancefloor

CPU Suckers is a Swedish electronic music production duo formed in 2011, consisting Patrik Pistol and Mattias “Acke” Axelsson. In 2016, the duo expanded into a trio when J-Riz (Johan Rizkallah) joined. They met at a crayfish party and the evening ended up in the studio with the song “Saxparty On The Dancefloor”. Song: Saxparty On The Dancefloor Artist: […]

Whats The Meaning omslag v07 1400x1400

Patrik Pistol – What’s The Meaning (feat. Lisa Englund)

This is the first single from the upcoming album from Patrik Pistol. You can hear on the sound and arrangement that it’s very influenced by Giorgio Moroders soundtrack to the movie Midnight Express from 1978. The song is about the biggest questions in life, What’s the meaning of anything? What is real? What is a […]