CPU Suckers is a Swedish electronic music production duo formed in 2011, consisting Patrik Pistol and Mattias “Acke” Axelsson. In 2016, the duo expanded into a trio when J-Riz (Johan Rizkallah) joined. They met at a crayfish party and the evening ended up in the studio with the song “Saxparty On The Dancefloor”.

Song: Saxparty On The Dancefloor
Artist: CPU Suckers Feat. J-Riz
Music & Lyrics: Patrik Pistol, Mattias Axelsson & Johan Rizkallah
Production: Patrik Pistol & Mattias Axelsson
Studio: Pistol Music Studio (Pistol Media Stockholm)
Mastering: Patrik Pistol
Duration: 3.10 min
BPM: 124
Release Date: 2016-12-16
Vocals: Johan Rizkallah
Label: Pistol Music
Label website: pistolmusic.com

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