Welcome to Pistol Music

Patrik Pistol Music StudioNobody buys a record today (Except your old dad and grandma if they still have any hearing left or if you are an collector of some sort). There are no more record companies left in the form as we remember them. It’s all about getting the music available on all modern platforms, really good marketing, and hopefully high quality of the music.

Who we are

We are a small music firm that produces, writes and publishes music in different genres and projects around the world. We also make high quality instruments/sample libraries for producers and musicians. We are based in the city of Stockholm (Sweden). Pistol Music are a part of Pistol Media Group. The owner and managing director is Patrik Pistol who writes and produces music for differnt artists, TV-shows and movies.


We are aiming to be one of the most wanted producers and publishers of modern music in the world and make the best sounding and valuableĀ instruments/sound libraries.

More information is found on Pistol Media Groups homepage.

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